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The Coding Society

Our Vision
Our Club Vision is to Create-Build-Innovate.

Join our club to meet students who are interested in developer technologies. All are welcome, regardless of their educational background or major.


Through hands-on workshops, events, seminars, and project-building activities in person, you can learn about a variety of technical subjects and acquire new skills.


Apply fresh knowledge to create excellent local problem-solving strategies. Improve your network, career, and abilities. Give back to your community by helping others learn.

The Coding Society
Student Devleopment Community  |  Department of CSBS

The Coding Society is an official club of Department of Computer Science and Business Systems, which is a part of Student Devlopment Community. We organise events like Workshops, Bootcamps, Guest Lectures, Competitions, Hackathons and Presentations.

The Coding Society places a high importance on critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. The Coding Society wants to create a culture of coding on campus that includes all students who have a passion for it. You can work together, gain knowledge from others, and even share what you know with them in the Coding Society, all in a setting that is very different from the demands of academic study.

Active participants of the club will be rewarded.

Students will create answers to challenges in the real world while receiving expert guidance. Teaming up with people that have similar interests to your own can also help you to be more creative, motivated, and innovative. Along with improving your technical coding abilities, joining a club can assist you in developing the "soft skills" necessary for advancing in your career.

Upcoming and Past Events
PEC Hacks

PEC Hacks is an exciting and immersive hackathon where innovation and creativity collide. Gather with fellow tech enthusiasts, solve real-world challenges, and showcase your skills in this dynamic event. With opportunities to learn from industry experts and collaborate with like-minded individuals to win exciting prizes

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Jan 27-28, 2024

postman poster
APIs 101 for Beginners

The Coding Society is conducting a beginner workshop centred around APIs in collaboration with Postman, encompassing their functions, applications, and more. Attendees will gain insights into API fundamentals and learn the practical implementation of them to utilise their upcoming projects.
Speaker: Laaveshwaran P

August 31 ,2023

Data Validation Workshop with Regex

The Coding Society is hosting a hands-on workshop focused on Data Validation using Regular Expressions (regex) with Python. In this workshop, participants will learn how to effectively utilize regex to validate and manipulate various types of data.

Postponed : TBD


Participants are divided into small groups, and each group represents the people in the ship. Each group is assigned to a specific role or occupation such as doctor, Engineer, Politician, etc. Each Group must discuss and decide among themselves why they believe they deserve the life jacket more than other Group.
I - Swathi S (III - A)
II - Sanjay S (III - B)

July 27, 2023

Bootcamp on Git and GitHub

We're planning to host a bootcamp on Git and Github. The bootcamp is a great opportunity for you to learn version control of code using Git and Code Management and Collaboration using GitHub.

July 18 - 20, 2023

Tech Debate

A debate might be best way to spill the facts and gather opinions about various topics. We're planning to host a debate on technological topics such as AI, Blockchain or any hyped-up topic.

Winners (Team):
Rakshitha M (III - A)
Sneha R (III - A)
Subalakshmi R (III - A)
Mugunthan J (II - B)
Noyal Surya J J (II - B)
Prasanna Kumar S K (II - B)

April 13, 2023

TEDx Panimalar Engineering College

A TED talk event organised by Panimalar Engineering College bringing in speakers from various educational and industrial backgrounds.

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April 20, 2023

Progamming Contest

We are hosting a programming contest for coders to showcase their skills, solve problems, and compete against your peers. Get ready to be challenged and motivated!

I   - Sakthivel & Madhavan (II - B)
II  - Divyadharshini & Pooja (III - A)
III - Arun Kumar & Gurumurthy (II - B)

March 28, 2023

Learn Competitive Progamming

We're planning to host a bootcamp on Competitive Programming. This bootcamp is a great opportunity for you to enhance your problem-solving skills and learn new techniques for competitive programming. Speaker: Kumudha M

March 21, 2023

Quiz Competition

A technical quiz on computers, languages and other things in the world of CS.

Winners (Team):
Rakshitha (III - A)
Subulakshmi (III - A)
Mahalakshmi (III - A)

November 18, 2022

Web Devleopment Bootcamp

Bootcamp on Web Development 1.0 and an introduction to Internet.

October 19, 2022

Guest Lecture

An interactive guest lecture by Mr. Udayakumar R on the world of Computer Science and technologies.

September 30, 2022


Inaugration of the club by respected dignitaries.

September 30, 2022

Useful links for Students
Python NoteBook
Access here

The Jupyter Notebook is an open source web app that lets you to create and share documents that contain live code

Github Education Pack
Join here

GitHub Education offers students real-world experience with free access to various developer tools

CS50 courses
CS50 CS50 Python CS50 Web

Harvard University's free computer science courses for students to enhance their practical skills.

What Our Members Say
Jyothish Kumar V

No issues on the speakers. All had thought well. Session time can be extended. By extending the time it will be useful for us. We can gain more knowledge.

V Neela Priyadarshini

The session was very informative and interactive. Very useful. It is a great initiative and we hope to attend many more of such sessions.

Vem Prasad

The speaker's seminar was interesting. Teaching in Tamil had a good connect and it was easy to comprehend his part on HTML coding. It would be nice to conduct workshops regularly.


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Lead           Laaveshwaran Parthiban

Co-Lead    Vijayakeerthi


Department of Computer Science and Business Systems,
Panimalar Engineering College,
Poonamallee, Chennai.